Social Responsibility Statement

Date: 2020-02-19
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Social Responsibility Statement


Based on RBA, SA8000 and other International standards, legal regulations of Social Responsibility, and customer requirements, O-Net Technologies(Shenzhen)Group Co., Ltd. and all subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “O-Net”) have developed its Social Responsibility System, and formulated corporate policies that conforms to labor policy, health and safety, environmental protection and code of ethics. 

O-Net Social Responsibility Policies: 

- Management by law, people oriented; 

- Full involvement, health and safety; 

- Energy-saving, pollution prevention; 

- Anti-bribery, active report; 

-Continual improvement, commitment to excellence. 

O-Net has made the following commitments in terms of labor policy, health and safety, environmental protection and code of ethics, and requires suppliers and partners to comply accordingly.

1.Labor Policy 

O-Net has formulated labor policies and procedures in line with standards and legal regulations, involving employee's personal rights and interests, respect of personality, free choice of employment, underage workers, freedom of association, working hours, salary and welfare, improving working conditions etc. O-Net has also developed systematic rules and regulations, and implements and manages in accordance with them in practice, regulates corporate behavior and improves continually. 

2.Health and Safety 

2.1 Occupational Safety, Public and Industrial Hygiene 

O-Net strictly complies with relevant laws and regulations, effectively controls risk sources of safety and health, and provides a healthy and safe working and living environment for employees. Meanwhile, O-Net ensures that potable water, sanitation, fire safety, lights and ventilation of the workplace meet the requirements of the regulations, on the basis of the regulations, appropriate measures shall be taken to minimize hazardous factors in the working environment, regular health checks and training shall be conducted. 

2.2 Emergency Response 

O-Net has set up safety organizational structure and various emergency teams, formulates various safety emergency plans, and regularly trainings to relevant personnel on safety knowledge and emergency plans. Equip with fire control facilities per the requirements of the regulations, and conduct regular drills of emergency plans to ensure the effectiveness.  

O-Net Communications (Shenzhen) Limited and O-Net Automation Technology (Shenzhen) Limited have been certified with Occupational Health and Safety Management System since 2016. 

3.Environmental Protection 

3.1 Comply with Regulations and Resource Reduction 

O-Net Strictly complies with the requirements of relevant regulations, obtains all necessary environmental permits, approval and registration, maintain and update them regularly. Waste water, waste gas and noise are released to the environment after being treated up to standard, and qualified for regular testing. The disposal of solid waste and control of the use of hazardous chemicals shall comply with the requirements of regulations. Enhance the investment in energy conservation, emission reduction and technological upgrade, make rational plans and manage systematically, and ensure that all environmental indicators are within the scope prescribed by the regulations. Eliminate backward production equipment and processes, implement clean production and enhance the utilization of resources, and reduce the emission of contaminants. Propose scientific and feasible emergency plans for environmental emergencies and organize emergency drills to ensure environmental safety. 

O-Net Communications (Shenzhen) Limited and O-Net Automation Technology (Shenzhen) Limited have been certified with Environmental Management System since 2015. 

3.2 Green Products 

All products supplied by O-Net meet the requirements of Environmental laws and regulations, including EU RoHs, EU REACH (SVHC) and China RoHs etc. In product development and design phase, it is required to realize environmental protection and ecological design to ensure green, healthy, non-toxic and harmless products. 

3.3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

O-Net has taken greenhouse gas emissions as part of its operations. Based on the requirements of Shenzhen Government, O-Net has identified greenhouse gas emissions and taken effective actions to save energy and reduce emissions. 

O-Net Communications (Shenzhen) Limited has been certified with Energy Management System since 2017. 

4.Code of Ethics 

O-Net abides by the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions and prohibits any forms of bribery, corruption, blackmail and embezzlement. O-Net has established and implemented the code of business conduct compliance management system for employees to report violations of the code, and has developed a safe communication procedure to ensure that the identity information of the informer is kept confidential and protect the informer from revenge. The informer shall be given material rewards after confirming the authenticity of the report. O-Net discloses information about its business activities, organizational structure, financial status and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and major industry practices. All disclosed information is reviewed by the finance department and the legal department to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information. O-Net strictly complies with all applicable fair competition laws. No employee shall manipulate or use privileged information or other unfair ways to obtain any unfair advantage. O-Net adheres to the standards of fair dealing, advertising and competition.

4.1 Intellectual Property 

O-Net strictly complies with the laws and regulations related to intellectual property, and respects intellectual property rights.   

4.2 O-Net Conflict Minerals Policy 

O-Net Conflict Minerals Policy is established on the basis of O-Net Code of Conduct, and further describes our commitment and requirements towards socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals [1] in our products.  

O-Net recognizes the risk that illegal exploitation and trade of Conflict Minerals may cause violations of human rights and environmental degradation, and the risk of military conflict by directly or indirectly financing or benefiting armed groups.

The products and components of O-Net may contain conflict minerals. We are seeking for a sustainable solution to the issue of conflict minerals to ensure responsible and conflict-free sourcing through legitimate trade and positive development in the affected regions. We commit to drive best industry practice by collaborating with our industry peers through the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative. 

We incorporate the principles of this policy into the requirements for our suppliers and conduct due diligence consistent with OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. We continue to support sourcing from legitimate mines in conflict-affected regions as a ban would be detrimental to the local population. 

We require our suppliers to similarly conduct the due diligence on their own supply chain, determine the origin of the minerals they use and commit to sourcing those materials from sources that are not fueling military conflicts or causing human rights violations and environmental degradation. 

Additionally, we require our suppliers to continually improve their practices and promote their awareness and capability through training and regular feedback. 

This Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed.We want to address concerns quickly and thoroughly. We therefore encourage stakeholders to report suspected violations or legal compliance promptly by contacting us through any of the following channels: 



Phone: (86)0755 – 26710000 – 8180


[1] Columbite-tantalite (coltan) (or its derivative tantalum), cassiterite (or its derivative tin), gold and wolframite (or its derivative tungsten),cobalt (or its derivative tantalum ).

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